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Vision & Natural Disasters

Have you ever before taken a moment to think how you would react if an earthquake, flood, fire or other natural disaster strikes your home, work or any place you are visiting? Depending on where you are and the type of advanced warning that is available, your level of preparedness will differ. If you are scheduled for LASIK surgery at a clinic, some additional factors to consider are how the clinic can ensure the safety of your eyes and your vision, both during and after the natural calamity.

LASIK vision correction is the preferred choice for first responders in need of vision correction. They need to be positive that their vision is clear & dependable at all times and that they are comfortable, no matter what the environment. They not only need this vision at the drop of a hat when disaster strikes, but also for the hours to weeks of tough and dangerous work required to keep people and property away from harm’s way after the disaster.

Disasters such as flooding can cause polluted water supplies. In these circumstances, a person is at risk of possible disease due to the lack of clean water. Those that depend on contact lenses also need clean water to wash their hands when handling their contact lenses. Dirty water problems can put one at risk of eye infection that can lead to permanent vision loss.

The clean up after natural calamities frequently involves lengthy hours of work over weeks to months. These conditions can be made worse and you must continuously clean your glasses or dry your face from sweat, that is causing your glasses to slip on your face and then possibly drop and break. If your glasses slip off your face and break when landing in the debris, your life may be put in danger, along with the lives of those that you were sent to rescue. The cleanup is dirty work, which can make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable due to all the dust and dirt, and potentially raise the risk of infection. The long hours of work can also bring about discomfort from dryness due to the increased wearing time of your contact lenses. To get rid of the hassle of glasses and contacts, you may want to go in for numerous refractive procedures options, the most popular being LASIK

Everyone wants to avoid disaster, but if you are impacted by natural calamities the above information should help minimize the risk of any type of vision threatening issues. If you are still concerned, help is at hand in the form of Dr. Khanna, at Khanna Vision Institute, who specializes in the surgical correction of one’s vision, performing LASIK and Presbyopic Implant in Eye (or PIE) procedures. If you are interested in decreasing your dependence on glasses and contact lenses, there is likely a suitable treatment choice for you. To schedule your examination, e-mail us at [email protected] or visit us at Khanna Vision Institute in Westlake Village or Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California.

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