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Rajesh Khanna MD is the refractive surgeon who founded Khanna Vision Institute with a focus on delivering the best vision procedure to a person seeking independence from glasses and contact lenses.

Mission & Vision

Thousands of patients have benefited from his surgical skills. His proven experience is something that you can trust. Hollywood Movie Stars, Doctors, Dentists and other professionals regularly seek him for his surgical skills. Maybe the next actor you see in Beverly Hills may have had LASIK by Dr. Khanna. Meet the eye doctor who has never stopped learning. As new technologies are invented or older ones refined, he has absorbed them all. This requires constant advanced training. Learning laser cataract surgery, or Cross-linking for Keratoconus has required a lot of determinations. What drives him? The desire to help you achieve the best possible vision so that you can see the world in all of it’s beauty.

Advanced Medical Facility

Had Courage To Operate On Mom, Wife, & Son! When a doctor treats his own family to improve their sight, he can bring same love for you. Dr. Rajesh Khanna treats his patients like family and does what he would expect for himself.

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